Currently our ability to sell has outperformed our ability to buy leaving us with a consistent trade balance in the 200k to 400k range. The local groups have a wide array of items available that all, because either they are local based or are too hard or costly to ship outside the area, need to be bartered or sold in the Phoenix area.  Just this week the new items that came available include : Restaurant gift certificates, Office furniture,  Cardinals club level tickets, Wall Safes, New Home furniture, Mattresses, pool tables and rugs, Custom wood signs and a 2005 VW Beetle. We are seeking someone in the Phoenix area that knows how to barter as well as liquidate items on a discounted cash basis and utilize my trade balances to  make us both some money and allow me to sell more media into that local market. If you’re interested in discussing further Please email me  HERE If you would like to receive our list of items available for barter please click HERE
Barter Media Brokers is your premier source for barter based advertising on the nation’s major Media outlets We Trade Advertising on TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Transit, Internet, Mobile, Social, Ad Specialties and more . Exchange your excess products and services to save cash and increase your sales! We also Trade Advertising for Real Estate, Equity, Options, Assets, and Public Stock
Media Sellers utilize Barter Media to exchange excess ad capacity into goods and services they are currently paying cash for. Trade members, Advertisers and  Corporate Trade partners gain access to top tier advertising placements nationally , regionally and in local markets throughout North America.
We currently  have over 2,800 advertising opportunities available on trade including  major  TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet and out of home placements and offer an array of alternative finance programs to help you obtain the major advertising you need
Do You Like To Barter  ? My company, NWBB Inc., located outside Portland, OR  operates several advertising agencies. One of those, Barter Media Brokers, is dedicated exclusively to bartered media: In the local phoenix market we work with the premier barter and trade groups in the area supplying them with over a million dollars of national media yearly . In exchange we get paid in the goods and services that they have available in the local Phoenix area. Most of what we have utilized in the past has been Phoenix area media which we have sold locally through our Phoenix Ad Brokers portal .
Exchanging Excess Capacity And Under-Utilized Assets To Manage Excess Capacity, Increase Sales, Solve Occupancy Challenges and Guarantee Room Bookings