When your businesses needs to advertise to gain new customers and expand market share through a structured branding campaign or integrated direct response effort and you do not have the cash resources to do so, Barter Media Brokers will provide you with a viable solution to your advertising needs. Receive up to full retail value for your under performing assets, excess capacity and perishable inventory Improve your cash flow - Expand your market share - Open new distribution channels Barter Media Brokers is a specialized trade portal providing capacity management and cash flow recognition to Advertising Outlets and Media Properties.  Media Sellers utilize Barter Media Brokers to exchange excess ad capacity  into goods and services they are currently paying cash for. Trade members, Advertisers and Corporate Trade partners gain access to top tier advertising placements nationally, regionally and in local markets throughout North America. Pay for your next advertising campaign with your distressed inventory , excess capacity or under utilized assets. We will buy your products or services at full retail value in amounts equal to your advertising expenditures.
Our Barter and Media Finance Programs include: Exchanging Products or Services for Advertising at full value. Purchase advertising at your cost of goods figure while boosting your monthly, quarterly or yearly sales figures. Exchange Equity or Options in Your Company for Advertising. Fuel your advertising campaigns and meet marketing objectives using equity participation. Exchange Real Estate or other Assets for Advertising: Exchange distressed, idle or under-performing Real Estate or other Assets for full market value in exchange for Advertising
“Barter Media Brokers is the premier source for barter based advertising on the nation’s major media outlets”
Save cash and use your company's products, services and other assets to finance and pay for major advertising campaigns.
Barter Media Brokers is your premier source for barter based advertising on the nation’s major Media outlets We Trade Advertising on TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Transit, Internet, Mobile, Social, Ad Specialties and more . Exchange your excess products and services to save cash and increase your sales! We also Trade Advertising for Real Estate, Equity, Options, Assets, and Public Stock
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Using barter as a financing mechanism to manage cash flow and reduce costs.
For those companies that may not have significant excess capacity  or distressed inventory available,  but still want to take advantage of the significant cost reduction aspects that a barter based advertising campaign provides, we offer an array of alternative finance programs to help you obtain the major advertising you need. Fund your campaigns with our Guaranteed Approval credit line program available in amounts up to $50,000 and we guarantee you will make enough trade based sales to pay off your credit line or we will buy your products or services at full retail value in amounts equal to your advertising expenditures and take delivery over time.
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